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  • L Carnitine Side Effects

    Posted on April 18th, 2010 admin No comments

    l carnitine side effectsL carnitine is an extremely important nutrient which makes the digestion of certain fats possible. But are there any L carnitine side effects? Well here are some important things you need to know before using this supplement…

    Why is L carnitine useful?
    Some of the L carnitine side effects actually make sense once you understand how it works.

    Most of your body’s energy is made by the mitochondria inside your cells. These mitochondria burn nutrients, turning them into energy. Carnitine is an essential nutrient that helps your mitochondria absorb and metabolize certain types of fats.

    The so called “long chain” fats cannot make it into the cells by themselves. These types of fats need carnitine to transport them from the blood’s plasma into the cell. Without carnitine acting as a transporter, reportedly this category of fats cannot be metabolized by the mitochondria.

    What are the side effects of L carnitine?
    This process supports the burning of long chain fats. Naturally, that can reportedly lead to higher cellular energy production. Along with that, reportedly there may be certain side effects. Some are common (like increased energy) while others seem to only affect certain groups of people with specific medical conditions. Of course like almost any supplement or food, mild side effects like upset stomach or nausea are possible. Some sources claim a fishy odor in the urine, sweat, and breath can occur, but that probably only occurs with a high dosage as that is a side effect which you don’t hear about.

    Please note that dietary supplements (like L carnitine) should never be used for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or cure of any disease or medical condition. None of the claims re-published on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nor does this site itself make any claims to L carntine – all of the alleged information presented here has been gathered from various sources.

    Here are various tips for taking L carnitine supplements which have been published on other websites:

    Don’t take them late in the day. Because L carnitine is known for boosting energy levels, it’s important to avoid them later in the day (just like caffeine). The notable nutritionist Robert Crayon, who dedicated several years researching carnitine, advises against taking it after 3pm since doing so may make it difficult to fall asleep a few hours later. This is the most common L carnitine side effect, but obviously it can be easily controlled by simply taking them early on in the day.

    Have cancer or HIV? Then you should avoid this supplement unless your doctor tells you otherwise. This is because one of the L carnitine side effects is that it may interfere with medicines used in treating these diseases.

    Have a history of seizures? Then you should not take L carnitine supplements, unless specifically directed by your doctor. L carnitine supplements have been known to increase the frequency and/or seriousness of seizures for those that have a history of them. It has been theorized that the reason for this may be because L carnitine causes increased cellular activity and energy, which in turn may trigger the “switch” which causes an episode.

    Are you pregnant? There is not enough known as to whether there are any L carnitine side effects for women who are expecting. Therefore if that’s you, it would be best to be safe and avoid L carnitine unless directed by your doctor.

    Under-active thyroid? There is some research which may suggest L carnitine supplements may not be a good idea for those suffering from this condition. It is suspected that an L carnitine side effect is  that it might possibly interfere with this gland’s hormone.

    Is L carnitine safe to take?
    This is a naturally occurring nutrient that we’ve known about for over a hundred years and is likely safe, according to numerous sources. There have been many clinical trials conducted and it appears to greatly support the health of our heart, brain, muscles, the burning of fat, and your energy. Our bodies produce less as we age, which is why deficiency is common. L carnitine been coined the anti-aging supplement by because both scientists and consumers. For best results, it has been recommended to take alpha lipoic acid and L carnitine supplements together as they compliment each other.

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